Results and analysis of pump body casting

Test block No.CSiMnPCuMoSREMg

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of each cast-in-place test block are shown in Table 1 and table 2. The metallographic structure of y30-2 (representative) cast-in-place test block is shown in the figure. The test results are shown in Table 3

Test block No.Rm /MPaRp0.2/MPaA/%HBW
Test block No.Spheroidization levelGraphite sizePearlite content /%

From the mechanical properties of the cast-in-place test blocks, the mechanical properties of the three cast-in-place test blocks of the wear-resistant pump body casting all meet the technical requirements of QT600-3, the tensile strength is greater than 600 MPa, the hardness of the test blocks also meets the hardness requirements of the casting, and the yield strength is also increased accordingly. On the premise of ensuring the strength, the elongation greater than 3% is obtained; Judging from the metallographic structure, the spheroidization level of the three attached cast test blocks of the wear-resistant pump body casting is grade 2, the graphite size is grade 6, and the pearlite structure of the matrix is more than 70%. Under the as cast condition, it fully meets the requirements of the mechanical properties and metallographic matrix structure of the brand QT600-3.

After the three wear-resistant pump body castings were machined, no shrinkage porosity, porosity, slag inclusion and other defects were found. After the customer used them, the wear resistance and service life of the pump body castings increased significantly.

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