Sample preparation of wear-resistant pump body casting

Three wear-resistant pump body castings were poured in production, and three attached cast test blocks were taken. The numbers of the three attached cast test blocks were y30-1, y30-2 and y30-3, and the size of the attached cast test block was 180 mm × 30 mm × 85 mm. After processing to obtain 20 mm in the direction of 85 mm of the test block, process it into the size of the test bar as shown in the figure, check the mechanical properties and metallographic structure, and conduct wet analysis on the test block to obtain the chemical composition of each test block.

Mechanical properties were tested by wa-600kd electro-hydraulic universal testing machine; φ 20 mm × The microstructure of 15 mm test bar was examined by xjg-05 large microscope; Measure the hardness of the test block with TH110 Leeb hardness tester.