Riser process of steel castings based on OpenCascade

The riser system in casting process design is generally designed based on experience and relevant databases. Sometimes the designed riser deviates greatly from the actual situation and needs to be tested for many times, which will reduce the process yield and consume a lot of manpower and time. In the 1980s, the concept of casting CAD was first proposed and defined as the comprehensive application of geometric modeling, numerical simulation and process database. Subsequently, Pro / E, UG, CATIA, SolidWorks and other software began to enter the market, and computer-aided casting technology began to be applied on a large scale. At present, although AutoCAD, Pro / E, UG, solid works and other software have a wide range of applications, their flexibility is not high and their pertinence is weak. Casting enterprises still have a lot of improvement work in the process of use.

Based on this, this subject puts forward the design of three-dimensional riser process model for steel castings based on OpenCascade. Taking the riser modulus method as the design principle, it can intelligently and parametrically design the riser, and can be closely combined with the riser system database to automatically screen the riser types and riser parameters that meet the requirements, and can realize the parameterization of riser positioning, The process design cycle of the casting riser system is significantly shortened.

The research on the design of three-dimensional model of riser process for steel castings based on OpenCascade has realized the accurate calculation of the overall modulus and riser modulus of steel castings. It can quickly design the riser process and realize parametric driving. The process design complies with the classic riser design principles, and realizes the organic combination of theory and empirical methods. Independent development is conducive to the integration of CAD / CAE. The example shows that the system can achieve good design effect, shorten the design cycle of riser design, ensure the quality of steel casting process design and improve production efficiency.

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