Sand casting and precision casting process plan of nuclear power valve

In order to stabilize the casting process quality, there are strict regulations on the casting process, material, process and quality control of the castings.

According to the product structure, size and technical requirements to develop the casting method. There are two kinds of manufacturing methods: sand casting and precision casting.

Sand casting: clay sand, resin sand (furan, alkaline phenol formaldehyde, polyurethane), sodium silicate sand (CO2 * hardening method, vrhc vacuum CO2 replacement superheated air hardening method (dehydration hardening), self hardening sand with powder hardeners such as Dicalcium Silicate and red mud, and organic ester hardening).

Precision casting: also known as special casting. There are about 12 kinds of casting, including investment casting (lost wax casting), ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum suction casting, magnetic casting, shell casting, solid casting (lost film casting).

The casting method is determined according to the production conditions of the enterprise.

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