Sand casting process core head

The shape and size of core head have a great influence on the processability and stability of core in mold assembly. Core head can be divided into vertical core head and horizontal core head.

1.The horizontal core head with single fulcrum is often called cantilever core head.The vertical core generally has upper and lower core heads, but the short and thick core may not leave the upper core head. The height h of the core head mainly depends on the diameter D of the core head. The core head must have a certain slope a. The inclination of the lower core head should be smaller (5-10? \ u65289x), the height should be larger, so as to increase the stability of the core; the inclination of the upper core head should be larger (6-15? \ u65289x, the height should be smaller, so as to be easy to close the box.

2.The length L of the horizontal core head mainly depends on the diameter D of the core head and the length of the core. In order to facilitate core lowering and box closing, a certain slope shall be reserved at the end of the core seat on the mold. The hanging wall core head must be relatively long and large to balance the supporting core and prevent the core from sagging or being lifted by the liquid metal. A clearance of 1-4mm (s) shall be reserved between the core head and the core seat of the mold to facilitate the assembly of the mold.

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