Precautions in the purchase of casting coating

Attention shall be paid to the following items when purchasing casting coating:

(1) Different materials of castings correspond to different types of casting coatings. Firstly, the material of castings should be defined;

(2) Different coating methods correspond to different operation process performance of the coating, and the application method of casting coating should be defined;

(3) For the problems that need to be solved in the factory, the casting coating with specific functions can be selected through consultation with the supplier. The casting coating with different specific functions has different physical and chemical properties, so the specific working functions of the casting coating should be defined;

(4) When ordering casting coatings, the technical specifications and application specifications of casting coatings should be obtained at the same time;

(5) Some casting coatings use inflammable and explosive alcohol as solvent, so we should pay attention to the safe transportation of casting coatings, especially the safe storage and use of casting coatings;

(6) Due to the different formulation of casting coating used by various suppliers, the functions of casting coating provided by them are different, and the standards, specifications and technical indexes of casting coating based on them are quite different. Therefore, the specific standards, specifications and technical indexes of casting coating shall be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the product provided by the supplier or the suggestions of the technical personnel of the supplier.

In order to do a better job in the procurement of casting coatings, Li Shunan and other scholars applied game theory to the procurement of coatings. Through the analysis of game behavior in the current bidding system and quality supervision system, dynamic quality management game model (DQC) was proposed and established. After the practical application and test of casting production, it has important theoretical value and practical significance.

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