Sand casting process equipment

Sand casting process equipment is the general name of molds and devices used in the process of molding, core making and box closing. It includes pattern, template, template frame, sand box, sand box support plate, core box, drying plate, sand core trimming mold, core assembly and lower core fixture, measuring tool and inspection template, etc. Among them, the template is a modeling mold that assembles the pattern, pouring and riser system along the parting surface and the mold bottom plate into a whole. Sand casting adopts template modeling, which can greatly improve the modeling efficiency, simplify the modeling operation, and the size accuracy of the cavity is high.

Therefore, template modeling is widely used in large batch and high-yield machine modeling. Even in small batch manual modeling, such as sand castings of most marine, aviation and military products, template modeling is often used to improve mold quality. Due to space reasons, coupled with the fact that the enterprise adopts mature production lines for production, and the process equipment such as formwork frame and sand box have been fixed, the following only starts from the three-dimensional design and simulation processing of formwork, and the design and processing process of equipment such as core box and cold iron model will not be described one by one.

The basic requirements for formwork are:; The formwork shall have sufficient strength, rigidity and wear resistance. The geometric dimension of the formwork shall meet the process requirements and the size shall meet the requirements of the molding machine. In addition, there shall be accurate positioning between the mold bottom plate, sand box and pattern, and try to meet the requirements of standardization, easy fabrication and convenient use.