Sand Casting Process Plan

An ordinary sand casting process plan should include: selection of core method, the species in casting, pouring position ,type and sand core design .Sand casting method can be divided into two kinds:manual selection and machine molding .The two kinds of methods have significantly different requirements on the casting process.It should be based on the characteristics of casting structure,production batch, comprehensive workshop conditions .In many cases, the selection method is the premise of moulding wear-resistant castings.

wear-resistant castingsThe first method is manual modeling.The equipment of manual modeling is simple, flexible and convenient,which is the most basic method to mould wear-resistant castings. The production methods of wear resistance castings commonly include: two box styling, flaskless molding, box modelling (stack molding) etc. Manual modeling is widely used in single or batch productions , especially in the production of large and complex castings. But the manual modeling with low productivity , high labor intensity and poor production conditions require high technical level of workers, and the casting quality is not stable enough.

The second method is machine modeling.The characteristics of machine molding is that it takes template for the two box styling. The template is divided into single and double-side . The single template is most commonly used in modeling .Double template is used only for the production of small castings,.Machine modeling cannot design three box styling. Machine modeling should avoid live block because removing the block would greatly reduce the productivity . So in the design of mass production of sand casting and formulate sand casting process,these technological requirements of machine modeling must be taken into account.

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