Sand casting technology of engine connecting bearing bush

Engine main bearing cap is a key component of automobile engine, which has high requirements for product quality due to its large consumption, complex working environment and large load bearing capacity. The main bearing cap of the engine is generally produced by sand casting, which requires high quality and performance. Sand casting defects such as sand holes, slag holes and air holes are not allowed on the surface of sand castings, and shrinkage cavities, porosity and pinholes are not allowed inside sand castings.

1) By using Anycasting casting simulation software, the orthogonal test based on numerical simulation was carried out on the engine bearing liner sand casting, and the optimal process parameter combination was obtained according to statistical analysis. The test cost was low and the test cycle was short.

2) The statistical analysis based on the probability of defects in sand casting shows that A1B1C3 is the optimal combination of process parameters, namely, the pouring temperature is 1420 ℃, the pouring height is 0.2 m, and the cold iron offset position is 27 mm. Production trial production and inspection have proved that the product has good compactness, no shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity casting defects, and the process plan and process parameters are reasonable and feasible.

With the maturity of the theory of fluid heat transfer and solidification and the development of numerical simulation technology, the numerical simulation of sand casting process has developed rapidly. By using numerical simulation, foundry workers can simulate the whole process of sand casting, verify or optimize the adopted casting process parameters before actual production, overcome the shortcomings of the sand casting industry, such as long trial production cycle, high cost of sand casting, difficult quality control, etc., and basically achieve “pre casting” and “prevention in advance” for sand casting results and defects. The orthogonal experiment of numerical simulation on sand casting process of engine main bearing cap was studied by using Anycasting software. The factors affecting the quality of sand casting were studied by using statistical methods, and the sand casting process parameters were optimized. The qualified products were obtained through trial production.

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