Sand Casting Technology of steel casting

Steel castings are widely used in mining machinery, transportation, locomotive traction, lifting machinery and wind power. Sand casting is still used in the production of many steel castings due to its wide applicability and low production cost.

Zheng Baoying simulated the process plan of the steel casting of the coupler body of the 17-type railway freight car very well. The casting process parameters are as follows: the pouring temperature is 1580 ℃, the pouring speed is 75cm/s when the mold is filled for 30s. Han Bao et al. carried out optimization design and numerical simulation on the casting process of wheel axle steel castings. The research results showed that the pouring temperature was 1570 ℃ and the pouring speed was 10kg/s. Liu Chen et al. optimized the sand mold casting process of beam steel castings by computer simulation. At the pouring temperature of 1550 ℃, the yield of the process was 72%.

The steel castings of sand casting shell have large machining allowance, which is easy to produce defects such as pores, inclusions, insufficient pouring, shrinkage and porosity during the production process, resulting in low qualification rate of castings. ProCAST software is used to simulate the influence of casting process parameters on the pore volume size of steel casting shell castings, providing theoretical guidance for the sand casting process design of steel casting shell, thus reducing the test workload and reducing the trial production cycle and cost of castings, Reduce casting defects and improve casting quality and economic benefits.

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