Sand mold casting process for turbine housing

The turbine housing castings are made by sand casting, and the forming process mainly includes molding, coring, drying, closing, pouring, sand falling, cleaning and inspection.

1.Firstly, the moulding material is mixed according to a certain proportion to obtain moulding sand and core sand respectively.

2.Sand moulding with casting riser system and casting profile cavity is obtained by manual box moulding with moulding sand, pattern, dummy box and other process equipment.

3.Coring and drying by machine and hand with core sand and sand mold;

4.Put outer chilled iron, metal core, sand core III, sand core II and sand core I in order, and laminate the sand moulds one by one to form a casting cavity between the sand moulds and the sand core and metal core. Liquid metal fills the whole casting cavity through the casting system in the casting mould by gravity, and compensates the hot-spot parts of the casting through risers, outer chilled iron and metal core to eliminate casting defects and to be cooled to form a casting cavity.After mold, sand drop, casting cleaning, removing casting riser, obtaining casting blank of turbine cover and inspecting.

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