Sand moulding process

Using the cores which is a seperate inserts, the interior cavities of a casting can be formed in the sand moulding process. Mostly we use sand and backed to make the cores which we use to make the interior cavities of a casting. In a mold frame which we call it flask, there are two parts the upper part which we name it cope and the lower part which we name it drag. In the process of pattern molding, a mold cavity is formed during the sand moulding process. When the pattern which commonly wooden material is embedded in sand in the flask can form an impression of the casting. The pattern is removed from the flask and the cores and the gating system in sand mold casting are arranged very well after the sand packing finished.

In the sand mould casting equipment, some parts need to be placed very well in the upper part and lower part of the mold frame. The inner part we name it core, the inner running way we name it runner and also the gate. The pouring cap and other part sprue are just well placed them in the cope part in the mold frame. After the sand moulding process, the two parts of the mold are assembled and poured. Shakeout process will be made after the metal has solidified and cooled to a needing temperature we ask, the casting is removed from the mold.

So the of sand moulding process is running step by step which can satisfy the need of our

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