Green Sand Molding Adopted in Sand Mold Casting

In sand mold casting, the sand casting and green sand molding, generally, can be thought of as interchangeable terms, for the same sand mold casting process. During the sand mold casting process, the sand mold casting process – or green sand molding process – is the most commonly used Casting Process in sand mold casting manufacturing. The alloys used most in green sand and sand mold castings, are aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron products.

The moisture factor in the sand is the reason we say green sand basically in the sand mold casting industry. In sand mold casting process, green sand can mill and mix all kinds of additives, clay and other chemical binders. So the green sand is very suitable for sand mold casting.

With a unique pressure and temperature, the sand compound we mixed and formed well can be placed around the pattern. By this way, we can guarantee that the shape will not change during the left sand mold casting process. The blended sand and binders are compacted around the pattern, taking on the shape of the desired casting. So the green sand molding performs a good way in sand mold casting especially in today modern industrial business.