Selection and optimization of low carbon process scheme for sand casting

Combined with the research status of related fields, the selection and optimization of low-carbon process scheme of sand casting is very important for the sustainable development of traditional casting industry. The above research provides a positive and effective response strategy for the sustainable development of the traditional casting industry, and various new technical schemes are gradually adopted by the casting enterprises and applied to the actual production. The application of new technology can not only obtain high-quality castings, but also effectively simplify the casting process, improve the casting production efficiency and significantly reduce the environmental impact of the casting process. However, there are also some research deficiencies, such as the lack of research on the applicability of casting products in the actual production scene; There is a lack of the combination of various modeling methods, that is, the case study of composite mold forming, and there is great room for improvement in the parting of composite mold and the design and research of process scheme; Lack of effective methods for sustainability assessment of sand mold 3D printing, NC sand mold milling and other technologies in the foundry industry. To sum up, the main problems studied in this paper are as follows:

(1) Analysis of the process and characteristics of Dieless sand casting and composite mold forming;

(2) The establishment of low carbon model of Dieless casting process, including the analysis and modeling of resource consumption, energy consumption and environmental impact;

(3) The selection of compound forming method and the design of process parameters;

(4) Low carbon process design and optimization of composite mold;

(5) In addition, combined with the actual process conditions of sand casting production, this paper will study the case of conventional mold and composite mold for an end cover casting, and compare and analyze the low-carbon index of the process scheme according to the casting results.

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