Selection of gating system for sand casting axle housing

The gating system is the channel to guide liquid metal into the mold cavity in sand mold. Its structure is mainly composed of gate cup, sprue, runner, runner, etc. The pouring system has a great influence on the quality of the axle housing. If the cross-sectional area of the gating system is too small and the pouring time is too long, the defects such as insufficient pouring and cold shut-off may occur; if the cross-sectional area is too large and the pouring speed is too fast, the defects such as sand washing and slag inclusion may be brought about. Therefore, a reasonable gating system should be based on the structural characteristics, technical conditions and material characteristics of the axle housing to correctly select the type of gating system, determine the lead-in position, and calculate the cross-sectional area, so that the molten metal can fill the mold at an appropriate speed and obtain high-quality axle housing.

According to the proportion of each unit section of gating system, it can be divided into three types: closed, open and semi closed. In the first mock exam of cast steel tractor axle housing, a gating system with one medium and one mold was selected. Three gating systems, closed, semi closed and open, were selected and designed. The Procast was used. The influence of different gating system types (open, closed, semi closed, etc.) on the filling process of liquid metal and the solidification process of axle housing were studied by computer simulation software. The influence of riser and chill on solidification process was studied. The purpose was to obtain good quality, less casting defects, good sealing performance of axle housing Low cost casting process for axle housing.

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