Significance of digital research on engine block casting

With the rapid development of social economy and the vigorous development of China’s shipbuilding, locomotive, construction machinery and other industries, the demand for large and medium-sized engines is increasing, and the reliability requirements of cylinder body iron castings are higher and higher, and the production of cylinder body iron castings is required to develop in the direction of green, informatization and strengthening and toughening. Compared with the industrial developed countries, the casting technology of cast iron castings for engine block in China has been using the traditional mode, which has low degree of green, digital and intelligent, strong experience of professional technology, and lack of coverage and perfection of casting process. Therefore, casting process design and information management and control of engine cylinder block have become more and more concerned by foundry industry workers and researchers.

At present, the casting of engine cylinder block and cylinder head in cylinder block casting enterprises still relies on the experience of workers, which requires a lot of manpower. It is low efficiency, high strength, lack of standardization and scientificity. It is difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality casting under the conditions of contemporary high-speed manufacturing. Moreover, the working environment of workers is bad, so it is urgent to upgrade the pouring and riser technology of engine block through technological progress To reduce the cost of enterprises, reduce expenditure to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve green manufacturing. Based on the theory of casting technology and the pouring and riser technology of cylinder block iron castings as the research material, the typical pouring and riser technology of cylinder block iron castings is summarized by using the methods of statistics and data analysis. The design principles and design methods of pouring and riser process for cylinder block iron castings are put forward. With the help of computer technology and database technology, the traditional casting mode of cylinder block which relies too much on experience is overcome The limitation of technology can realize the systematization, green and informatization of casting process design for cylinder block iron castings, and promote the great development of casting technology and the overall updating of casting industry.

With the advent of the information revolution and the rapid innovation of global industrial technology, especially after China put forward the “made in China 2025” action program, intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment has become an important direction and trend of the development of manufacturing industry. The establishment of digital gating and riser process system for engine block iron castings can greatly improve the informatization and digitization degree of cylinder block pouring and riser process design, which can fully meet the information requirements of casting industry. According to the development requirements of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, the establishment of digital casting and riser process system for engine block iron castings plays a key role in improving the efficiency of enterprise production management, improving and improving the management and control of enterprise product quality, providing valuable experience and guidance for the in-depth integration and promotion of information technology and manufacturing technology in other fields, and for the realization of casting industry in the future The application of big data mining and artificial intelligence technology in foundry industry has laid a solid foundation.

This paper studies the digital gating and riser system based on the core technology of casting and riser of engine block. Firstly, the collection work of pouring and riser technology of engine is completed, and the typical pouring and riser technology of cylinder block iron castings is analyzed and summarized, which provides certain reference value for the production of engine cylinder block iron castings. Based on this, the digital casting and riser process system of cylinder block iron castings is established to realize the digital design of pouring and riser process of cylinder block casting, and promote its informatization and digitization process.

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