Simulation of Impeller Casting Based on AnyCasting

Impeller casting has excellent mechanical properties: no hot crack tendency, good impeller casting performance, small linear shrinkage, easy recovery and regeneration, environmental protection and high air tightness. It has a wide application prospect in industry. However, in the actual production of aluminum alloy castings, there will be many defects, so the design of impeller casting process is very important to the actual production of castings. The quality of impeller casting process has become the key factor affecting the quality and efficiency of castings in actual production. Compared with the determination of the traditional impeller casting process scheme, the casting CAE technology has the advantages of low cost, short trial production cycle and can effectively improve the casting quality. In recent years, numerical simulation technology is more and more used in impeller casting process simulation by scholars at home and abroad.

Impeller Casting

Numerical simulation software AnyCasting is widely used to analyze the information of liquid metal filling and solidification in the process of impeller casting, and predict the impeller casting defects and their positions in the process of impeller casting. Based on AnyCasting software, the probability of defects can be reduced by optimizing the impeller casting process system and reasonably configuring the cold iron and riser, so as to improve the casting quality.

Taking AnyCasting software as the numerical simulation analysis platform, the casting process scheme of an impeller made of aluminum silicon alloy zalsi9cu2mg is designed, and the temperature field is numerically simulated. The solidification sequence and probability defect parameter distribution diagram of the casting are obtained, and the possible defect location in the casting of the impeller is predicted. Therefore, through the improvement and optimization of the casting process system scheme of the impeller, the optimal process scheme of the impeller is obtained.