Solid fraction and solid-liquid liquidus of ZG 40Mn axle housing by sand casting

During the solidification of hot metal, the liquid and solid state of most metals exist together most of the time. The concept of solid phase ratio is introduced in the process of research on the solidification process of axle housing. Solid rate can be calculated by mass solid rate and volume solid rate.

Mass solid rate refers to the percentage of unit mass in total solid-liquid mass. Volume solid rate refers to the percentage of solid volume to total solid-liquid volume in unit volume. In general, the mass fraction and the volume fraction are approximately equal. In this simulation study, the solid rate curve of ProCAST zg40mn is used, as shown in Fig..

As can be seen from the figure, with the increase of liquid metal temperature, the solid phase fraction gradually decreases. At about 1500 ℃, the solid metal completely dissolves into liquid metal and forms liquid phase state. At the same time, the density of liquid metal decreases with the increase of temperature.

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