Setting of thermal physical parameters and initial conditions of sand casting axle housing materials

Setting of sand mold material parameters

When sodium silicate molding sand is used in production, it can be replaced by similar materials in ProCAST database, so the physical parameters of resin sand of resin bonded sand can be selected.

Heat transfer coefficient of casting

Casting heat transfer coefficient should be used after many long-term test and adjustment in actual production. With the development of casting simulation software, many enterprises use casting simulation software to simulate and analyze. On the basis of a large number of tests, analysis and debugging, ProCAST puts forward the empirical values of heat transfer coefficient for different interfaces.

ProCAST software was used to simulate the filling and solidification of liquid metal

The gravity acceleration of pouring is 9.8 m / S2;

The pouring temperature of zg40mn is 1580 ℃;

The initial temperature of molding sand and core sand is 30 ℃;

Pouring time of molten metal

According to the casting manual formula, the empirical formula t = AGN, cast steel a value: 1.5 ~ 2.35, gross weight of axle housing 117kg, coefficient n = 0.5, pouring time controlled for 10s.

The heat exchange coefficient at the interface between the axle housing and molding sand is 500W / M.K

Cooling parameters of axle housing: cooling in air.

Running parameters: default software parameters under gravity casting.

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