Solution concept of casting cleaning automation equipment

According to the actual situation of the current domestic foundry industry development, combined with the production technology, the effective equipment scheme is put forward. Foreign products have single function and stand-alone mode. It needs the manufacturer to adapt, but also to bear the production limitations brought by the equipment. In this regard, the concept of full sequence is adopted, and the best matching is tailored according to the production situation of the foundry, so as to ensure the minimum investment and realize product compatibility.

1. Multi axial CNC grinding machine

The equipment adopts the form of machine tool for processing, with stability. At the same time, the numerical control system is set up for each axis to strengthen the control of the equipment, so as to achieve high-precision processing operation and high safety performance. And the CNC multi axis grinding machine can be used as a general equipment to process different types of castings and ensure the interchangeability of the equipment after application. Additional configuration of dust removal device to avoid pollution, advanced grinding equipment, will not damage the workpiece, to protect the integrity of the workpiece.

2. Robot grinding unit

For the workpiece with complex grinding process, robot grinding is more recommended. Robot grinding uses mechanical arm and program to complete high speed operation. In order to ensure the flexibility of its operation, 4-6 joints are used to achieve the best working state. In addition, in order to further strengthen the grinding technology and save manpower, the mechanical arm has been tried to grasp the casting for grinding, but there are great limitations in the application process. The mechanical arm has its own rigidity, it is difficult to grasp the larger workpiece, but it can grasp the small workpiece. The actual work efficiency is not as high as that of CNC machine tools, and it also needs to spend a higher cost. It is generally not recommended to use this kind of grinding method except for special needs.

3. Non standard grinding equipment

After using the equipment to solve the problems of working environment and production quality, the processing efficiency of the equipment has become the focus of attention. As a universal grinding equipment, it is difficult to maintain good grinding effect for any casting. But the non-standard grinding equipment is successfully developed based on this point. And according to the actual demand, tailor-made equipment suitable for the production line, for specific industries, to ensure the maximum compatibility of equipment.

3.1 punching and trimming equipment

The machine tool of stamping shearing edge equipment is made of hydraulic device and grinding tool. The grinding work is pushed by the pressure generated by hydraulic pressure to realize the grinding operation of casting. The equipment has high efficiency and is not easy to pollute. The biggest characteristic is the low working intensity, and the processed products have high production quality. However, there are also some limitations, in the process of grinding, it is difficult to deal with gray iron castings; And for the casting with different strength of thin and thick characteristics, it is not suitable for the shear equipment. It will cause damage to the casting, so it needs to be equipped with a special flaw detection mechanism.

3.2 Four side abrasion equipment

For the regular grinding treatment of cylinder block and other castings, four side grinding equipment should be used. Using this equipment, the regular plane can be processed effectively to reduce the pressure of subsequent cleaning. However, the equipment has some disadvantages, but it is suitable for regular castings and surface grinding, and it is difficult to deal with irregular castings; And the equipment can’t finish all the surface grinding of casting independently. In the process of specific use, we need to cooperate with other equipment for collaborative operation, be able to communicate and complete the processing work, implement the concept of full serialization, and realize the automatic operation of casting grinding and cleaning.

3.3 Disc grinding equipment

According to the actual needs of the production line, the following solutions are adopted for disc castings with various types.

① Complex disc grinding equipment.

For the design of the equipment, five axis double spindle is used as the main equipment, which is more suitable for disc equipment grinding. At present, the application of this equipment exists in the casting of clutch pressure plate, and it can be compatible with other types of casting products.

② Conventional disc grinding production line.

For disk castings polished by conventional production line, such as flywheel, it is suggested to start production line mode for manufacturing, which can bring higher cost performance and work efficiency.

1) Milling production line.

Based on the principle of NC milling machine, the edge of disc type casting is polished. The position of grinding head adopts milling cutter technology to drive the motor on the running shaft, which helps to realize the accurate positioning of milling cutter. At the same time, the cutting mechanism can be selected to ensure the cleaning of castings after treatment and improve the work efficiency.

2) Through type disc grinding production line.

After finishing the grinding work on one machine by using the working line. In order to achieve the best production rhythm, the manipulator is used to carry out reverse operation.

3) Single machine small power disc grinding equipment.

The outer part of the disc is ground with the help of servo shaft. The spindle uses low power, following the servo spindle to drive the grinding wheel to grind it, which can effectively reduce the use of power and achieve efficient production operation.

3.4 rapid prototyping equipment

For some castings with large quantity and complex shape. Using conventional equipment for processing, it is difficult to ensure the actual production efficiency. Therefore, rapid prototyping equipment is recommended. Molding equipment has the characteristics of rapid processing efficiency, the existing defect is that the ductility is slightly poor, it is difficult to carry out the grinding work, only for a specific field of operation, in order to ensure the compatibility of the equipment.

① Camshaft grinding equipment.

For the camshaft type castings of compressor, this kind of castings is characterized by large batch and time-consuming processing. Camshaft grinding equipment, using profiling grinding wheel, can operate four groups of castings at the same time, single processing time is not more than 10s, combined with the flow frame to achieve effective connection operation, only need to take 2.5s beat.

② Automobile brake caliper forming equipment.

The equipment also uses profiling grinding wheel to grind the inner mouth of the casting and ensure one-time molding. To effectively improve the production efficiency and combine it with stamping equipment can further optimize the production rhythm.

4. Conventional grinding equipment and consumables

Conventional grinder is an indispensable equipment for foundry to deal with castings. Its flexibility is difficult to compare with the equipment. But in the grinding at the same time, there are also problems that can not be solved, such as noise and pollution. Therefore, when using conventional grinding equipment to treat castings, it is suggested to use diamond as grinding wheel, which has the advantages of reducing consumption and no dust. And in the actual operation process, its operation cost is lower than that of conventional grinding wheel, which is more conducive to production.

5. Automatic logistics production line and auxiliary equipment

Based on the concept of full sequence solution, automatic logistics production line is indispensable in the process of casting grinding. According to the actual needs of the production plant, combined with the production products and production lines, we should make good use of the logistics production line to arrange and combine the equipment in an orderly manner, so as to achieve the best production efficiency, achieve the most perfect work rhythm and effectively save the labor cost.

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