Solve the development problems of foundry industry

Since the 12th Five Year Plan, China’s foundry industry has continued to develop steadily, but its growth rate has slowed down significantly, and it has entered the new normal of development like other industries in the national economy.

What is the current situation of China’s foundry industry and what are the main problems it faces? During the 13th Five Year Plan period, what is the development trend of China’s foundry industry? What are the guiding ideology, strategies, objectives and main tasks of industry development? What relevant policies and measures will be introduced? A few days ago, China Foundry Association released the 13th five year development plan for foundry industry (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”) in full, and answered the above questions in detail.

The plan points out the main problems faced by China’s foundry industry: there are still a large number of backward production capacity in the foundry industry, the overcapacity in most areas is increasing, the key castings in a few areas are still unable to meet the requirements of the main engine, the quality and brand awareness are not strong, and the extensive development mode has not fundamentally changed. The standard system of foundry industry does not meet the needs of market economy, and the vocational education and training system does not meet the needs of industry development.

Wen Ping, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Foundry Association, said that in order to adapt to the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country and build China into a strong foundry country, the transformation and development task faced by the foundry industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period is very arduous. Therefore, the plan puts forward the key tasks of the foundry industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period.

First, speed up the elimination of backward production capacity in the foundry industry. We will continue to promote the implementation of the admittance system for the foundry industry, strengthen the formulation of policies for environmental protection and elimination of backward production capacity, promote the implementation of supporting policies for the development of local relevant industries, actively resolve the contradiction of overcapacity in the foundry industry and guide the concentration of production capacity to superior production capacity through market driven.

Second, we will focus on tackling the “bottleneck” of key casting manufacturing in a number of high-end equipment manufacturing industries. In particular, we have conquered the key casting core casting technology needed in the fields of energy and power, rail transit, aerospace, etc., and the manufacturing of basic castings such as high pressure and high flow high-end hydraulic castings for construction machinery.

Third, research on key generic technologies and give priority to the development of major technical equipment. In order to improve the technical level of China’s casting industry and improve the quality of casting products, a number of key common casting technology research should be focused on materials, production, technology, quality inspection and repair, energy conservation and emission reduction, resource recycling, engineering simulation and information technology, intelligent manufacturing, etc. At the same time, it has made a breakthrough in the development and application of a number of major technical equipment in the fields of advanced automatic casting equipment, waste sand regeneration, high-efficiency energy-saving smelting equipment, casting 3D printing equipment, etc.

Fourth, promote innovation driven development of foundry industry. We will promote the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide and the combination of industry, University, research and application, continue to support the development of research institutions in the industry, and vigorously improve the construction level of new research institutions such as China Green Casting Research Institute. Continue to cultivate a number of key common technology research institutions, industrial alliances and collaborative innovation work platforms in various industries or special fields, such as die casting technology, wear-resistant materials, precision casting and other industries, so as to promote the innovation and development of the foundry industry.

Establish a perfect information sharing platform for scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the transformation and industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements, promote the production and demand docking between foundry enterprises and host enterprises, and solve the “bottleneck” of key casting manufacturing that restricts the key development areas of host.

The fifth is to promote the in-depth implementation of the “integration of the two” in the foundry industry, and promote the promotion of the traditional foundry industry by using information technology and intelligent manufacturing technology.

Sixthly, promote the whole industry to form a new mode of low-carbon circular development. Increase the application of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology, technology and equipment in the field of casting, promote the implementation of green casting concept in the whole process of casting production, and promote the development of low-carbon, recycling and intensive green casting in the casting industry.

In addition, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the key tasks of the foundry industry include: vigorously promoting the quality and brand construction of the foundry industry; improving the construction level of the existing foundry industry cluster (Park), building the characteristic foundry industry cluster (Park); speeding up the development of the modern productive service industry of the foundry industry based on the transformation and upgrading demand of the foundry industry; accelerating the adaptation to the market The establishment of foundry industry group standards to meet market and innovation needs; the establishment and improvement of talent training system and mechanism at all levels of foundry industry, and the development of Vocational Education in foundry industry; the establishment of a global vision, the implementation of the international development strategy of “going global”, and the promotion of international exchange and cooperation in foundry industry; the grasp of national development It is a great opportunity to develop the cultural industry and vigorously promote the cultural construction of foundry industry.

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