Structure and principle of o-ball valve

Structure of o-ball valve :

The valve body of o-ball valve is equipped with a sphere with a middle through-hole, on which a through-hole with the diameter equal to the pipe diameter is opened. The sphere can rotate in the sealing seat, and there is a ring-shaped elastomer on both sides of the pipe direction to achieve the sealing. By rotating the ball 90 °, the direction of the through hole can be changed, so as to realize the opening and closing of the ball valve.

The core (ball) of o-ball valve is spherical. In terms of structure, the ball valve seat is embedded in the valve body side seat during sealing. In addition, the long-term sealing of the sealing grease makes the operation more flexible. It is generally used for two position adjustment, and the flow characteristic is fast opening.

Principle of o-ball valve:

When the o-ball valve is fully open, the two sides are unobstructed valves, forming a straight pipe channel and two-way sealing. It has the best performance of “self-cleaning”. It is suitable for the two position cutting off occasions with special unclean and fiber medium. In the process of opening and closing the valve, the ball core always has friction with the valve. At the same time, the sealing between the valve core and the valve seat is realized by the pre tight sealing force pressed on the ball core by the valve seat. However, due to the excellent mechanical and physical properties of the soft seal valve seat, its sealing performance is particularly good.

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