Study on friction and wear of nodular cast iron plunger pump cylinder

When the piston pump works under high hydraulic pressure, abrasive wear and adhesive wear are the main failure causes of the key friction pairs of the piston pump. The scratch and material falling on the surface of friction pair are caused by abrasive wear. This is because the lubricating fluid can not be completely pure, and there are still some hard particles in it. This situation is very common and inevitable. It will happen in all friction pairs, even in a clean and colorless closed environment, it will also be caused by the roughness of the material surface or its own debris. The adhesion wear occurs because of the abrasion of the friction pair.

Tang qunguo and others used the friction and wear simulation test-bed of key friction pairs of water hydraulic pump and general friction and wear equipment to explore the wear resistance of the materials, and selected a series of related parameters such as friction coefficient and wear amount to judge the wear resistance of friction pairs, so as to provide theoretical basis for the selection of friction pair materials. Shen Fengmei passed mcf-10 friction and wear tester The sliding speed and load of the piston pump under the actual working conditions were simulated to explore the failure mode of the key friction pairs of the seawater piston pump. The experimental parameters were load 800 N and speed 1 m / s. under this parameter, friction and wear tests were carried out on different friction pair materials and the results were analyzed; Wang Xianbin et al. Selected 38CrMoAlA and lzqt500-7 materials for the key friction pairs of axial piston pump. After setting five groups of parameters, using ring block friction and wear experiment, then obtaining the friction coefficient and comparing the morphology of the sample before and after wear, a group of the most excellent surface treatment process can be obtained. Therefore, it is of positive significance to improve the scuffing resistance of friction pairs.

In order to obtain an effective and long life piston pump friction pair, improve its working efficiency, machine life and reduce the wear of the machine, based on the research results, the selected lzqt600-3 friction pair material was nitrocarburized surface heat treatment, and then the friction and wear test was carried out. The thickness, surface hardness, effective hardening depth and friction and wear comprehensive evaluation were carried out Finally, the optimal process can be determined.

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