Study on low carbon emission reduction of sand casting

Combined with the research status of relevant fields, sand casting process has a significant impact on the sustainable development of casting industry and even manufacturing industry. Many scholars have also conducted research on low-carbon emission reduction of sand casting, which can realize the carbon emission calculation of sand casting process and implement corresponding emission reduction measures. However, In the process design stage of sand casting, there are still few effective prediction and emission reduction methods for carbon emission. Therefore, the main research questions are as follows:

(1) Characteristics of sand casting process parameters.

(2) The carbon source composition of sand casting and the influence of sand casting process design parameters on carbon source.

(3) Combined with the process design parameters, the carbon emission model of the process is established.

(4) Aiming at low carbon, the process design parameters of sand casting were optimized.

(5) In addition, combined with the actual process conditions of sand casting production, this paper will analyze the combination and change of carbon emission before and after optimization under a casting.