Study on properties of vermicular graphite cast iron and its application in internal combustion engine

As for the development of vermicular graphite cast iron technology, in 1948, the Americans applied it. However, due to the influence of industrial technology at that time, vermicular graphite cast iron technology was not effectively promoted. For high-power internal combustion engine, it needs to be improved according to its internal structure.

Until the 1960s, China has carried out relevant research on vermicular graphite cast iron, and applied it to machine tools, internal combustion engines and other related engineering fields, and achieved effective growth. As far as the development goal is concerned, vermicular graphite cast iron technology should be more extensive, and the output has been comprehensively improved after using vermicular graphite cast iron technology. Vermicular graphite cast iron technology has good comprehensive properties, which can complete the relevant excellent characteristics. According to its mechanical properties, it can complete the comparative growth of the same kind in molding performance, shock absorption performance and thermal conductivity. In terms of strength, the strength of vermicular graphite cast iron is much higher than that of gray cast iron, so it has been widely used in industry. Vermicular graphite cast iron can change the traditional casting work and complete the lightweight development.

Vermicular graphite cast iron itself has very good properties, the overall production technology has gradually been the focus of attention in China. In the industrial field, the vast majority of enterprises in China began to try to use vermicular graphite cast iron technology in production technology, and its innovative application in the application field of internal combustion engine cylinder block and cylinder head. The experimental results show that vermicular graphite cast iron technology has excellent application in the treatment of cylinder block and head of internal combustion engine.

Therefore, in the industrial field of our country, internal combustion engine is the most widely used and productive power source in China. The internal combustion engine has excellent mechanical properties, and its own thermal conductivity and power are excellent, and can be widely used in related engineering. The technology of vermicular graphite cast iron can enhance the internal combustion engine on the basis of the existing technology, and ensure that it has obvious casting performance and heat conduction performance. Under the same wall thickness, the strength of the furnace graphite cast iron is much higher than that of gray iron, which can help the internal combustion engine to finish the lightweight treatment. In the process of vermicular cast iron technology becoming the key application goal of heavy machinery, the mechanical properties of vermicular graphite iron can be improved in the industrial field. But the cold speed must be strengthened in terms of the properties of vermicular graphite cast iron.

The properties of vermicular cast iron must be treated. For example, cooling the vermicular cast iron technology in the process of use will make the performance of vermicular cast iron change effectively. It has excellent performance in heat conduction, mechanical properties and mechanical properties, and has better corrosion resistance. In the practical engineering application, it shows a great application effect. The influence mechanism of cold speed on vermicular graphite cast iron can be divided into emulsification rate and graphite morphology. Through the relevant coefficient model, the systematic research is carried out. It can improve the performance of internal combustion engine and reduce the bad factors in the process of use.

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