Technical requirements for casting engine block

As a key part of engine, cylinder block casting is one of the difficulties in engine production. The design level of gating and riser technology is an important condition to determine the quality and performance of engine production. The engine performance requirements are strict and there are many specifications. Therefore, the cast iron parts of cylinder block generally have the following characteristics:

(1) The structure is complex. The cast iron of cylinder block is composed of many cavities, and there are many pipes, such as cooling and air inlet and exhaust pipes.

(2) High requirements for shape. The performance of the engine is closely related to its dimensional accuracy. The error between the size of the cavity and the position of the pipe will directly affect the power of the engine.

(3) The defect probability is high. There are many kinds of internal and external defects on the outer surface and inside of cylinder block iron castings due to various reasons, such as surface cavity, sand drop, crack, sarcoma, porosity and shrinkage porosity.

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