Technological Process of Lost Wax Cast Methods

Summarized as the following processes,as references for friends

Technological Process 1 of Lost wax cast: Clay Sculpture(the predecessor of every production needs an orders and soil Sculpture prototype,Sculpture is deduced and deliberated again and again by sculptor at the base of original design draft then recreated by sculptor.

Technological Process 2 of Lost wax cast: Silicon Rubber Mould(English name called Silicone,this chemical raw material usually be used in making mould,detail is high ,even can incarnate thickness of hairline.

Technological Process 3 of Lost wax cast: Make Resin Prototype(After making Silicone mould,can cast resin idiozome prototype.

Technological Process 4 of Lost wax cast: Trim Resin Idiozome (Last polishing and process of skin texture effect to idiozome surface.

Technological Process 5 of Lost wax cast: Make Silicone mould again (resin idiozome which has trimed will be maked Silicone mould again).

Technological Process 6: Make Petroleum Wax Prototype.

Technological Process 7 of Lost wax cast: Trim Petroleum Wax Prototype,this is a very important part.

Technological Process8 of Lost wax cast: Make Sand Mould.

Technological Process 9 of Lost wax cast: Casting (In the previous process of hollow ceramic shell are placed in sintering furnace according to different alloy to sinter at 1000℃ to 1500℃,immediately cast the copper liquid into the ceramic shell,outer ceramic shell will be broken after cooling.

The Process of Copper Casting –Lost wax cast Methods above asreferences for friends who like art of casting .

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