Welding Applications of Iron Castings

1. Repair Welding for Casting Defect

China’s annual output of all kinds of iron castings is around 8 million tons, among which, there has 10%-15% of defecting iron castings appearing during the processing. Due to the low cost welding way, not only can it obtain huge economic benefit, but also it helps to accomplish production tasks on time.

iron castings (1)2. Welding Repair of Finished Iron Castings

Because of numerous factors, iron castings finished pieces often appear cracks so as to throw into waste bins as they’re damaged during operating process. Especially some heavy finished pieces, once they make cracks due to misuse, all the production operation will be suspended. And in case another new counterpart is replaced, it not only costs a lot, but also wastes too much time on ordering, transporting, installing and testing them. If we adopt the method, it will save more time and financial resources on the complicated procedure mentioned above.

3. Production of Components and Parts

It means that iron castings (mainly nodular iron castings) are welded with another iron castings, each kind of steel parts or nonferrous metals to form a component. You can find that our government is promoting it and the kind application is blooming everywhere.

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