The 5th Plenary Session and Standard Review Meeting of the China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was successfully held

The 5th working meeting and standard review meeting of the 6th China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was held from December 12 to 15, 2023 in Nanning, Guangxi. 78 members of the China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, members of each sub technical committee, and specially invited representatives attended the on-site meeting, including 55 members and representatives of the Standardization Committee. The meeting was chaired by Hou Ruoxian, Vice Chairman of the China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee.

Cui Ruiqi, General Manager of Jinan Casting and Forging Institute Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the Chairman. As the responsible unit of the Secretariat, Mr. Cui welcomes all members and experts to participate in this meeting amidst their busy schedules, and thanks everyone for their strong support to the Secretariat over the long term. Mr. Cui emphasized that the task of standard review in this meeting is arduous. He hopes that all members and representatives present will review various standards seriously and meticulously with a responsible attitude towards the industry, strictly control the quality of standards, and fully play a role in ensuring and leading the high-quality development of the industry.

Vice Chairman Xu Niansheng read out the “Decision on Commending the Advanced Collective, exemplary individual, International Standards Formulating Unit and Outstanding Contribution Award of International Standards for Casting Machinery Standardization Work in 2023”, and made comments on 19 units that won the title of “Advanced Collective in Standardization”, 24 units that won the title of “exemplary individual in Standardization”, 13 units that won the title of “International Standards Formulating Unit” (including ZHY Casting) The 17 individuals who received the title of “Outstanding Contribution Award for International Standards” were commended, and then the documents of the State Administration for Market Regulation regarding the addition of committee members were read out and committee certificates were issued.

Lu Jun, Secretary General of China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, made a summary of the work of China Casting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee in 2023, a report on the use of secretariat funds in 2023, and a work plan for 2024 to the members and representatives present at the meeting. At the same time, in order to implement the Notice of the National Standardization Administration Committee on Matters Related to the Establishment of the Liaison Mechanism of China Standardization Technical Committee, We plan to establish a liaison relationship with SAC/TC 208 China Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee, which will be reviewed and approved by all members and representatives. In addition, the Secretariat solicited opinions from all members and representatives regarding the three proposals for the logo of the Standardization Committee.

Li Chen, Secretary General of the China Foundry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, delivered a special report on “Precautions for Standard Project Application” to all attending representatives; Subsequently, the framework diagram of the standard system for casting machinery was introduced and reviewed; Finally, an introduction and arrangement were made for the annual industry standard review work.

At this meeting, all members and representatives reviewed the submitted drafts of 2 national standards and 6 industry standards, and re evaluated 13 industry standards. After several days of intense and orderly work, with the joint efforts of all members and attending representatives, the meeting completed all the agendas and achieved a complete success.

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