The advantage of using the blank of the gate valve body to process the block valve

1) The blank of gate valve body is used to process the block valve to avoid opening the block valve, shorten the manufacturing cycle of the valve and reduce the cost of opening the mold.

2) For the block valve with middle flange seal, the middle cavity is changed from wood seal to gasket seal, which reduces the parts of middle cavity such as sealing ring and four open rings, improves the efficiency of on-site disassembly and saves the cost of parts processing and manufacturing, especially for the manufacturing and production of a large number of such valves, the cost savings are more obvious.

3) When switching the working state of the sealing valve with the gasket in the middle cavity, the loss and replacement of the sealing ring are avoided, and the cost of spare parts is saved for the user.

4) Compared with wood seal, the block valve with gasket seal has lower machining precision, less matching size and less machining amount, which reduces machining cost and improves machining efficiency.

Therefore, by selecting the appropriate blank of the gate valve body, it can be processed to block the valve, and the effect is clear at a glance. This method has passed the practice certification, has been recognized, and can be widely used and promoted.

With the construction of high parameter and large capacity units in China, it is the most competitive means for valve manufacturers to manufacture valves in the most suitable and economical way. Based on the analysis of the structure of the block valve in the hydraulic test, the high cost of manufacturing the block valve is solved, the work efficiency is improved, and good comprehensive benefits are obtained, which provides powerful conditions for the localization of high-end valves.

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