The conclusions of lost foam casting process

Was investigated various effects of process parameters such as the melting treatment, the packing material and the density model of the EPS foam on the porosity in lost foam casting of aluminum alloy. Found the highest density at the top of the bar, while that the density was lower or middle part of the mid-low segments in up-gated casting the aluminum bar.

There was no consistent relation between the resolution and the speed density EPS foam. It is a source of the pore can be divided into two factors: turbulence in the flow of molten metal and entraining gas from the pattern because the pattern of the pyrolysis of polystyrene foam during pouring in lost foam casting.

Could amount could flow challenges that the density of the solutions considered about 10 kg / m3 and the contribution of challenges and gas flow from the pattern because the pyrolysis of polystyrene foam pattern to consider about 30-50 kg / m3 density. It seemed that the melt filter has no effect on the density of the filter solutions as did the pores finely dispersed, but does not affect the amount of porosity.

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