The Defects of High Manganese Steel Casting Process

In the high manganese steel casting process, it inevitably exists all kinds of casting defects, such as osteoporosis, shrinkage cavity, micro cracks and composition segregation, etc. these disadvantages are easy to cause longitudinal cracks, vertical cracks, collapse, stripping impellers in the steel casting process which may lead to early failure. Thus high manganese steel castings possess low service life.

Steel Casting Process (1)At present, in order to improve the service life of the frog, there are many new technologyand structures in the steel casting process to reduce casting defects, as well as in design .The new steel casting process is adopted to eliminate the casting defects of high manganese steel frog and ultimately achieve the goal of prolonging the service life of the frog high manganese steel. But these measures can not fundamentally clear away the presence of steelcasting defects. So the degree of the service life of the frog they can increase is limited.

The average service life of high manganese steel frog in our country is more than 100 million tons, and the service life is extremely unstable. These problems are related to the existence of casting defects.

In order to find out the high manganese steel castings with better mechanical properties forsteel casting process, it is necessary to research and develop the casting process with high manganese steel casting samples.