The competent authority of iron and steel foundry industry

Should the competent authority, in light of national conditions and practice and the provisions of this code, in consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers concerned: (i) appoint and national policy on OSH maintenance; (ii) consider making new, or, statutory provisions existing to eliminate hazards in...


The Types of Iron Cast and its Performance

The iron casting is a kind of Fe-C alloy that has the carbon content is above 2%.Iron casting for industrial purposes general carbon content from 2.5%~3.5%. Gray iron casting :carbon content higher(2.7%~4.0%),it has good cushioning affect and abrasive resistance ,be used for producing structural parts, such as machine tool...


Classifications of iron casting

Iron casting refers to iron carbon alloy casting with carbon content less than 2.11% which is majorly made of foundry iron. Being remelting and casting before it becomes foundry goods. There are various of iron casting in the industrial market: gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, white cast iron, nodular cast iron and...