The Development of Die Casting Industry in China

Die casting process is one of the most widely used and fastest growing metal thermal forming processes. Die casting is the most widely used in casting process and one of the fastest growing the forming process of metal hot working methods. Die casting as a kind of advanced non-ferrous alloy precision parts forming technology adapt to the modern manufacturing products in the complicate, motors, lightweight, energy-saving, greening, broadening the application field. With die casting equipment and technology level unceasing enhancement, the application range of the die casting products based on the existing still will continue to expand.

die castingEspecially the rapid development of automobile industry, led to the die casting industry developing at an unprecedented rate in our country. Research report shows that the die casting machine quality performance levels compared with foreign advanced industrial countries differ greatly, but due to the distribution field of die casting is wide. from transportation energy to household appliances and to the thousands of daily industrial products, there is the existence of die casting, and each die casting market requirement are not identical, this creates a space for domestic die-casting machine market, especially the medium and small die casting machine, this space is likely to continue a long time. China as a processing base in the world basic machinery industry, especially die casting processing base, there is no doubt that it brings a good opportunity to our country, but also stimulates our country to enhance the quality of basic products.

The prospect of China’s long-term development will continue to attract foreign counterparts. This situation brings great development opportunities to domestic die casting manufacturers. Domestic die casting enterprises should pay attention to brand awareness, the environmental protection consciousness and the development of standardization, strengthen the research and development of independent intellectual property products, promote the common industry technology progress, carry out the green manufacturing of the concept of scientific development and extend service connotation.

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