The Current Situation of Casting Supplies in Our Country

Exports about casting supplies are growing rapidly in recent years . Our country has become a big producer for casting supplies. But in many areas there is a certain gapbetween our country and some developed countries, such as the application of cast supplies. Casting supplies in our country has finished the transition from a planned economy to market economy. We have become the fastest growing country with a modern commodity market for casting supplies in the world. The production and supply of casting materials in quantity can basically satisfy the needs of the rapid growth for casting production in our country. But from the quality、renewable utilization of resources and environmental protection price terms, we still need further improvement compared with industrialized countries.

casting supplies

With the rapid development of car manufacturing and wind power industry, it has put forward higher requirements for casting quality to produce high quality castings. That means we need high quality casting supplies. Because the technology of iron smelting in our country is not as well as some advanced countries, so far in terms of purity, there is a great gap compared with foreign high-quality pig iron. Pig iron with poor quality has become an important factor of restricting our large iron casting production.

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