The development prospect of domestic nodular cast iron gas turbine

Since 2002, with the adjustment of national energy policy and the increase of West to east gas transmission project and investment construction, the demand of heavy gas turbine has ushered in a new round of growth in the domestic market, and its R & D and manufacturing has become a hot spot of energy equipment. The research ideas of manufacturing technology are still a large number of mature f/e manufacturing technologies in the world. Through continuous research and exploration of touch-by-step tests, the high domestic manufacturing rate in China has been successfully realized. Through the technical research and development, production and production and installation operation of a large number of f/e heavy gas turbine units, the demand of China’s power industry has been basically met. Data show that the total installed capacity of gas turbine units with a total amount of over 34000mw has been put into operation in 2013, which accounts for more than 3% of the total installed capacity of the national power generating units.

According to the actual demand of national economic development, it is expected that the total installed capacity of power generating units in China will increase greatly in a long period of time in the future, and the proportion of high-efficiency green generating units will be greatly increased. Under the new historical conditions, the power industry will face increasing pressure in resources and environment while developing vigorously. Under the requirements of new era and new normal, the development of power industry and the operation of generating set will be transformed to reduce carbon consumption and realize green and sustainable development. Through overall control and control, the emission of carbon dioxide and polluted exhaust gas will be greatly reduced, and a sustainable energy and power system will be built. This measure has become a consensus of the whole people and has aroused a high social response. According to the analysis of the market prospect of gas turbine development, heavy gas turbine will face unprecedented development opportunities and technical challenges in China market in this historical process.

In the aspect of gas turbine development and production, since 2003, the technology of Mitsubishi company of Japan was introduced for gas turbine production and manufacturing, and has successfully cooperated in the production of various types of gas turbines and entered the market for operation. In recent years, the phenomenon of “blowout” has appeared in the gas turbine market. Only our company has more than 15 production in a year. Now the main model is m701f4 improved type, and some new high-end technologies have been gradually completed experimental research. The research and development of gas turbine has a great driving and promoting effect on the upstream casting forging and processing industries. The research and production of related forging supporting heavy gas turbine units will enter a new round of development upsurge.

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