The first cast iron plant of China First Tractor Co., Ltd

Company profile:

The first cast iron factory is one of the professional factories subordinate to China First Tractor Co., Ltd. and was founded on March 22, 1957. The company is located at No. 154 Jianshe Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, covering an area of 500000 square meters and a plant area of 7018000 square meters. The factory has an annual cylinder production capacity of 35000 tons. It mainly provides cylinder block, axle housing, reducer housing, steering gear housing and other castings for Shangchai, chaochai, Steyr, Weichai and other companies. There are nearly 2000 employees, including 250 engineering and technical personnel and 130 management personnel. The factory has passed the international standard ISO9002 quality system certification.

Equipment capacity:

Introduce a static air flow to compact high-voltage multi contact molding line of German kW company (built in 1997, the size of sand box is 1500 * 1200 * 500 / 450). This line is the largest production line of wet mold sand for iron castings in China. There are also three shock molding lines. The coreless frequency conversion induction furnace of Yingda company of the United States is introduced to realize double smelting with cupola. The German laemper cold box core making machine, core shooting machine and hot core machine are introduced, and a domestic furan resin self hardening sand core production line is installed to meet the needs of core production of castings with various complexity. It has DV-6 direct reading spectrometer, ultrasonic detector, X-ray detector, three coordinate measuring instrument, magnetic particle flaw detection, metallographic microscope, pws-200 electro-hydraulic servo kinetic energy universal testing machine and other testing equipment.