The function of compound squeeze casting forming system

Composite squeeze casting is a complex forming method suitable for large parts. Because of its difficult process, high functional requirements and complex production environment, it is necessary to use system engineering tools to carry out system design. The compound squeeze casting forming system is a system model based on the compound squeeze casting forming equipment using the system engineering method.

The design goal of the composite squeeze casting forming system is to form a unified and coordinated whole of the hardware and software included in the forming process. The hardware includes squeeze casting equipment, dies and various peripheral devices, and the software includes squeeze casting theory, process parameter design, die design and process information. The whole system has the obvious characteristics of the production system.

The main function of the composite squeeze casting forming system is to convert the molten metal into qualified castings. The external quality, internal quality and various performance indexes of the castings must meet the design requirements. The external quality includes surface defects, surface roughness, size, shape, weight and other precision requirements. The castings formed by squeeze casting can become finished products with only a small amount of processing; The internal quality includes casting defects such as shrinkage porosity, crack, slag inclusion, segregation and metallographic structure. The castings with fine grain and dense structure can be obtained by changing the heat transfer coefficient between metal solution and mold cavity and expanding the action depth of extrusion pressure; Mechanical performance indicators include hardness, strength, fatigue strength, wear resistance and other mechanical performance indicators. The compound squeeze casting forming system should also have the functions of exploring the squeeze casting production process of large parts and optimizing process parameters.

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