The loads normally achieved with the Lost Foam process

The quality of the parts depend on the two factors mentioned below and the interaction of variables influence:

● wall thickness Component

● System Ingate

● Type Finishing and their properties

● compression Sand

● choose Alloy not

The designer must incorporate the points in his / her observations and solve the problems together with the customer to achieve castor eventually required results. The process is designed for components to loads in excess of the loads achieved regularly with the Lost Foam process. In essence, should the application of pressure help to prevent any formation of hydrogen bubbles in the fluid parts. The decline in gas porosity in the casting results in simultaneous improvement in mechanical and physical properties.

The manufacturing of high-grade castings for various applications additional requirements for light-metal foundries. The process is further technology enables complex castings and high-grade to be made in terms of both technical and economic. The technology is both workplace-friendly and environmentally compatible and therefore provides a huge contribution to protecting jobs. The use of the process Lost Foam castings made, in terms of quality, are better than those of the sand casting process the information, and some can be made using other casting techniques.

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