The Research of Vacuum Pressure Casting

Other countries mainly applied powder release agent to vacuum pressure casting, especially since 2000, the rapid development of high vacuum pressure casting technology and applications make powder release agent research and development achieve great progress.

Powder release agent is a kind of release agent which spread and coating in the the carrierof air with high production efficiency, excellent coating property, good ecological environmental protection and prominent economic benefit.

Because powder release agent cost is high, the powder release agent of aluminum alloy die casting often choose zircon, mica, talcum powder and graphite as main ingredients. Other mateials such as boron nitride, microcrystalline wax are joined to enhance the stripping performance.

Studies show that when the quantity of main ingredients,such as talcum powder is50%,graphite is 25%, the boron nitride is15%, microcrystalline wax and other components account for 10%,the demoulding agent will enjoy good spraying performance and stripping performance.

Extraction effect is an important factor affecting vacuum degree of cavity. In addition to the buffer tank vacuum degree and extraction time , the key factors of high vacuum pressure casting technology that influence extraction effect are the total swept volume during the high vacuum pressure casting process and the total air inflow in the high vacuum pressure casting process. The key factors for the volume is the sea of the die casting mould.

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