The Features of Vacuum Die Casting

Vacuum die casting method is to take out the gases in the cavity and make metal mold fill in the cavity under the conditon of vacuum. Thus there is less gas involved. With high mechanical properties, the vacuum die castings inherit and maintain the advantages of normal die casting method.

vacuum die castingHigh vacuum die casting is developed in recent years on the basis of general vacuum die casting as a new forming technology. its characteristic is that the vacuum degree of the mold cavity is more than 91 kpa and the production of castings can be welded by heat treatment.

Therefore to develop high vacuum die casting technology, give full play to the die casting technology and cost advantage, produce some security parts with high strength, high toughness, such as car chassis suspension parts, to replace the car parts are competitive research and technology promoted by Germany, the United States and Japan and other countries. In fact, This technology is not only involves the mould seal and vacuum system technology, but also involves molten metal processing, mold structure design and pouring process. Therefore, combined with domestic actual situation, taking MFT (Minimum Filling Time) method as a foundation, and making research of high vacuum die casting technology can promote the application of pressure casting industry in our country .

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