ZHY Casting participated in the development and application of key technologies for 7000 ton ultra large die-casting equipment

Recently, the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting for the “Key Technology Research and Application of 7000 ton Ultra Large Die Casting Equipment” project, completed with the participation of ZHY Casting, was held at Xiaopeng Automobile Guangzhou Intelligent Connected Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing Base.

Liu Yihua, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Guangdong Society of Mechanical Engineering, Guo Lianfen, Deputy Secretary General, Lu Ya, Vice President of Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Robotics, Yan Zhaokai, Process Technology Expert of Xiaopeng Automobile, Wang Zhaowei, Vehicle Technology Expert, and Du Jutuan, Senior Engineer of ZHY Casting, attended the meeting. The project was jointly completed by ZHY Casting, Lijin Machinery, Zhaoqing Xiaopeng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhaoqing Xiaopeng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, and Guangdong Intelligent Robotics Research Institute.

The project proposes a new type of integrated die-casting equipment configuration design for large thin-walled vehicle body structural components to address the challenges of stiffness reduction caused by the deformation superposition of the “template base guide rail” for heavy-duty linear guide rails. A collaborative simulation technology based on surrogate models and numerical simulations was proposed to optimize complex process parameters such as injection speed, gate speed, and filling time. A servo energy-saving system and high-performance injection system with high energy efficiency were designed, and an integrated 7000 ton die-casting equipment for large thin-walled vehicle body components was developed, which was industrialized in a new energy vehicle factory. During the implementation of the project, 5 PCTs were applied for, 7 invention patents and 49 utility model patents were authorized, and 2 national standards and 2 industry standards were led and participated in, with independent intellectual property rights. The castings have been tested by a third-party organization and the inspected items meet the relevant standard requirements. The project castings have been used by users and have received good feedback, achieving significant economic and social benefits. Through listening to project research and implementation reports, on-site visits, and expert inquiries, the appraisal committee unanimously believes that the project has strong innovation, overall technology is leading domestically, and has reached the international advanced level. It agrees to pass the scientific and technological achievement appraisal. At present, there are still significant technological and market gaps in the international market for ultra large die-casting units. The rapid development of global new energy vehicle manufacturers has led to a higher demand for vehicle lightweighting, and the integrated net forming of large components such as battery boxes and door body structures is an important direction for vehicle lightweighting.

The ZHY Casting integrated 7000 ton die casting equipment for large thin-walled vehicle body structural components has a high-performance injection system, achieving significant breakthroughs in speed control, position control, and pressure control. Equipped with servo energy-saving control system and intelligent peripheral equipment, compared to traditional die-casting equipment, it significantly reduces production energy consumption, improves production efficiency, and achieves automated green production. While reducing vehicle manufacturing costs and creating significant economic benefits for automobile manufacturing enterprises, reducing energy consumption, improving endurance, and actively contributing to green industry and the “dual carbon” sustainable development goals.

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