About Vacuum process casting

In foundry industry, there is a revolutionary method we call it V process casting. V process casting is invented in japan in 1970s. It is introduced into China in 1980s, We adopted this advanced and experienced matured foundry method for foundry casting. Especially while manufacturing the big size and medium size aluminum casting products, the V process casting method is a good method, a efficient method which can be used to make high quality casting foundry products. Many industrial area adopts V process casting method for cost effective method in manufacturing many kinds of products.

During the V process casting, a vacuum is formed and used to hold the unbonded sand in the mold frame to cast various kinds of ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys products. The V process casting method change a better way in sand mold casting process. While the V process casting is working, we put a pattern in a hollow plate firstly. Then we heat a very thin plastic film with a temperature and put it over the pattern well. While this pattern is covered by the soft film, the pattern can be round tightly by vacuum. Then the pattern can be surrounded by the mold frame.

Then we place dry sand into the mold frame and put over the pattern. Another sheet of film will be placed on the frame. After this process, vacuum will be formed and the mold will be closely stripped from the pattern. The mold will hold its shape with the vacuum. And at the end the sand and finished castings will fall and finish the V process casting. So V process casting is a perfect method we adopt in our foundry products manufacturing.

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