Classifications of iron casting

Iron casting refers to iron carbon alloy casting with carbon content less than 2.11% which is majorly made of foundry iron. Being remelting and casting before it becomes foundry goods. There are various of iron casting in the industrial market: gray cast ironmalleable cast ironwhite cast iron, nodular cast iron and the last one vermicular graphite cast iron.

Regarding to the gray cast iron, which usually refers to the iron casting with flake graphite. The fracture is lead. The gray cast iron is widely used which has a high fatigue resistance and good vibration. Will be the best materials in the automobile engine cylinder, wheel gear, flywheel, brake flange as well as large machine bases.

The malleable cast iron is from white iron casting after graphitizing annealing treatment. People used to call this kind of iron casting as malleable cast iron since it has a higher plasticity and toughness compared with gray cast iron, which has been widely used in some important accessories, railways, buildings, electricity, spinning, appliance, national defense, machinery as well as manufacturing and many other areas.

Nodular iron casting is made before iron casting and being sphercidized. Most of the carbon will keep exciting in the way of spheroidal graphite. Nodular cast iron is flexible and has a high elasticity which make it become a very good work material.

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