The Characteristics and Advantages of Vacuum Casting

The most important characteristics of V casting is that molding sand is dry sand without binder.This method molds the sand with plastic film and makes mould hardening by evacuating the sand box.In virtue of the above characteristics which make modelling,sand shakeout, cleaning process simplified greatly, the supply equipment for edge mill and binder are no longer wanted, the shape and sand processing system can be simplified at the same time.

The advantages of V casting also make it wildly popular.Firstly,high accuracy of castings, clear outline, smooth surface have show perfect castings without flaws.Especially,when casting,the sand box keeps the vacuum state which is in favor of the liquid metal to fulfill the cavity.Secondly,Because cooling velocity of liquid metal is slow in the cavity, which is conducive to the supplement of metal, and increase the utilization ratio of metals, steel castings can be increased by 20%,iron castings can be increased by 25%.Thirdly,V casting can be used in iron casting, steel casting and other ferrous metals, and it can also be used for copper, aluminum and magnesium and other non-ferrous metal casting.So V casting can not only be applicable to the single and small batch production by hand,but also suitable for mechanical and automatic production.