Analysis of casting process performance of cylinder head

According to the foundry process CAD system developed by the laboratory, the foundry process design is carried out. It is developed by using Pro / E as platform, VC + + 2005, Microsoft Access 2003 and Pro / Toolkit as tools, using key technologies such as interface, ADO, menu, parametric design, dimension drive, etc. its casting process design flow chart is shown in Figure 2-4. Rapid sand casting includes: casting process analysis, parting surface setting, material addition, sand core design, gating system design, riser design, exhaust system design, machining allowance, casting scale and other casting process parameter design.

The engine cylinder head is a medium-sized box type part. Box type parts are usually used as reference parts for assembly of other parts of the box. It can assemble some shafts, gears, bearings, etc. to ensure their correct mutual position and dimensional relationship. The main structure is a uniform thin-walled enclosure with cavities of different shapes. Generally, there are many holes on the cavity wall to achieve the function of accommodation and support. At the same time, it has the structure of reinforcing rib, boss, pit, casting fillet, draft angle, etc. Secondly, the internal structure of the engine cylinder head is complex, and its structural dimension accuracy is closely related to the assembly and use of other components, so its part structure and dimension accuracy directly affect the overall performance of the engine. The size and position accuracy of 8 air inlets and 4 air outlets of the product must be guaranteed, so the casting process performance analysis of the precise cylinder head is required.

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