Application of electrical control in squeeze casting equipment

In order to improve the performance of squeeze casting, squeeze casting process requires real-time control of the important process parameters that affect its quality, which can improve the control accuracy and stability. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the real-time control of squeeze casting equipment in the future is not only the control of process parameters, but also the combination of squeeze casting equipment and its auxiliary equipment, including the production of Internet of things system. On the one hand, the whole real-time monitoring and control of each part of the action, but also for different materials, different styles, different requirements of squeeze casting parts, combined with modern software system and management system, to achieve the overall parameter design and parameter management of intelligent and automatic. The electrical control and hydraulic system based on proportional control valve are described as follows.

The machine uses 380V three-phase power supply. The oil pump motor is the main motor of the machine. Y – △ starting mode is adopted to reduce the starting current. The main motor power is 22KW. The control system adopts AC 220 V and DC 24 v. There is an independent control cabinet, and the operation box is arranged on the side of the static plate. Fx1n-60mr programmable controller produced by Mitsubishi company of Japan is used to form a set of man-machine dialogue operation system with complete functions, which can store the mold parameters, so as to avoid the trouble of reset and adjustment in the next use. The hydraulic system of squeeze casting molding machine adopts PLC programmable control, and its control principle flow chart adopts two-level closed-loop control system. The industrial control computer is used as the upper computer, and PLC is used as the lower computer to directly control the specific action of squeeze casting molding machine. The upper machine is used for sensor signal inspection and processing, data operation, screen display, feedback control and alarm, etc. In the process of equipment operation and control, the industrial computer has been detecting and feedback processing the key process parameters of squeeze casting molding machine. According to the processing data, the PLC transmission instructions are executed to make the equipment keep within the normal range of process parameters.

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