Basic theory of numerical simulation of lost foam casting

The numerical simulation technology of lost foam casting is a comprehensive and knowledge intensive technology which integrates partial differential equation, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and lost foam casting process theory. The simulation of flow field and temperature field in lost foam casting involves meshing, treatment of free surface of flow field, solution of velocity and pressure, simulation of turbulence, heat transfer calculation of temperature field and visualization of calculation results.

In the process of lost foam casting, the influence of the air gap pressure formed by pattern decomposition on the flow front of liquid metal makes the shift of the flow front interface greatly changed compared with traditional casting. Understanding the moving process of the front metal liquid interface in the mold filling process of lost foam casting plays a guiding role in the numerical simulation technology of lost foam casting.

The characteristics and influencing factors of mold filling and solidification process in lost foam casting are introduced, and the basic theory of numerical simulation technology in lost foam casting is briefly summarized. In addition, the numerical simulation software ProCAST used in this subject is briefly introduced.