Different Casting Methods Call for Different Binders

Different sand mold casting methods call for different casting binders. At present, the organic binder is widely used in foundry industry as casting methods develop with new technology quickly. It has lots of advantages, such as large output, small energy consumption, high surface quality, dimension precision casting, fast speed of mold changing and flexible production. However, organic binder also possesses weakness, such as serious environmental pollution and higher production cost. So inorganic binder with less pollution, high quality and low cost is a trend for casting production. Because the casting methods change by technology, sodium silicate binder has become one of the proper binder in different casting methods.

Sodium silicate binder enjoy numerous advantages during the casting production: high temperature resistant, abundant resources, low cost, no precipitation all sorts of toxic gas and condensate, no pollution to the environment and the casting tools. Sodium silicate sand is not only with good working environment, but also can improve the quality of castings and reduce production cost among various kinds of casting methods which attracts casting workers’ attention and favor. Moreover, it is considered to be the casting sand who is most likely to realize green casting sand in the 21st century.

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