Cast ferroboron for tractor case and cylinder block

Boron (element symbol b) is a rich element in China. Boron is often known as the vitamin in steel. Trace boron can significantly improve the hardenability of steel and save a lot of expensive alloy elements with strong hardenability, and greatly improve the wear resistance of metal materials.

Boron can also improve the mechanical properties, cold deformation properties, welding properties and high temperature properties of steel. Boron can affect graphitization in cast iron, thus increasing the depth of white cast iron. The purpose of adding boron in cast iron is to improve wear resistance. When boron content exceeds 0.01%, it has obvious effect of stabilizing carbide and improving wear resistance of cast iron. Boron white cast iron is a kind of white cast iron researched and applied earlier.

Boron can improve toughness and wear resistance in cast iron, so it is widely used in automobile, tractor and machine tool manufacturing. Ferroboron is a strong deoxidizer and boron additive in the casting production of tractor box and cylinder block. It is an important alloy additive in the casting process, which can improve the performance of the box and cylinder block. Therefore, ferroboron has a practical application prospect in the casting production of tractor box and cylinder block. Rapid and accurate analysis of boron content in ferroboron has important guiding significance for the casting production of tractor box and cylinder block. The content of boron in ferroboron is generally 5% – 25%.

At present, neutralization titration is the standard method for the determination of boron in ferroboron, whether in Japan, the United States, the Soviet Union or France, but the separation methods are different. China’s national standard method adopts strong alkali separation neutralization titration method. The operation of this method is complicated and the analysis cycle is long, which can not meet the needs of actual production and scientific research. There is a small amount of boron nitride or boron carbide in ferroboron, which is difficult to be completely dissolved in ordinary acid at room temperature and pressure. In this paper, alkali fusion and microwave digestion were used to decompose ferroboron samples, and then the boron content in ferroboron was analyzed by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) emission spectrometry.

After many times of test verification and production test application, the method has good stability and reproducibility, high accuracy, and improves the speed of analysis and detection, which can well meet the needs of fast-paced production inspection.

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